Warranty and guarantee

If SOLARWATT modules should ever not meet their usual quality standard, you have the option to make a warranty or guarantee claim. In order to ensure quick processing for your claim, we ask you to follow the procedure described below:

End customer

In the event of any anomalies with your photovoltaic system, please first get in contact with your specialist installer where you purchased your SOLARWATT modules. They can carry out an initial technical assessment and pass on the claim form to the SOLARWATT wholesaler.

Warranty and guarantee claims are examined by experienced quality engineers at SOLARWATT and are subject to SOLARWATT’s Special Warranty Terms. If the claim is accepted, you will receive a corresponding replacement delivery or compensation from SOLARWATT through your specialist installer.

Special warranty conditions for SOLARWATT solar modules.

Specialist installer

In the event of warranty claims or transport damage, please complete the corresponding form in full and attach photographs which clearly illustrate the problem. Then forward the form to your wholesaler, who will process your instance further together with SOLARWATT.