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SOLARWATT reports rising demand and the most successful quarter in the company’s history

SOLARWATT closed the first quarter with the strongest result in company history. From January to March 2020, the Dresden-based company increased sales by 60 percent compared to the same period last year. Incoming orders in the first quarter of the year increased by more than 140 percent year-over-year. The company further expanded its double-digit market share for solar panels.

Some hope in times of Corona

For SOLARWATT Managing Director, Detlef Neuhaus, the figures are a positive signal. "Despite all the difficulties from the spread of Covid-19 we were able to close the first quarter well above our expectations – thanks especially to the great commitment and flexibility of all employees", he explains. "We are in a very fortuitous position and well equipped for the future".

High demand and extra manufacturing shifts

However, there are currently no signs of a slump in demand for SOLARWATT in Germany due to the Corona crisis. Customers continue to pursue their goal of greater energy self-sufficiency and generating their own electricity from renewable energies. In the past few weeks the manufacturing facility in Dresden has run additional shifts to ensure this increased demand will be satisfied.