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Covid-19 Information

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Dear Partners,

In these challenging times, we stand with you and hope to support you where we can.

Here is the essential information:

  • Our sales, customer service, order management, and technical support colleagues are all available for you. We are working from home, but can be reached under the usual telephone numbers and by e-mail. We ask for your understanding for some delays in communication, especially since some of us are also taking care of our children during the day.
  • We are not currently affected by massive interruptions in our supply chain. However, as with other manufacturers, due to the great weather in January and February, our order lists are full and not all products are immediately available.
  • Our customer service department is hard at work to process all orders promptly and is always available to help you find alternative solutions.
  • We are manufacturing PV panels and batteries at full capacity to meet demand.
  • We are sending out shipments as usual, however, many shipping companies are not able to work at full capacity. Forwarding agents have also announced that they will no longer make deliveries to end customer addresses. Therefore, please plan for delays in delivery as well as exclusive delivery to your company address rather than end-customer sites.
  • The provision of leads (customer enquiries) will continue as usual. We are intensifying our efforts to obtain as much information as possible from interested parties and provide it to you digitally. Customers can fill out a questionnaire with information about their house and electricity demand and upload photos. You can find this information under Customer Management in the Pro Area.
  • Technical support is available as usual.
  • If you are personally affected by quarantine or curfew regulations, please contact us promptly. We can decide together how to handle your open orders and leads.

We wish you, your employees, and your families all the best and lots of strength for the coming days.


Drs. Michiel van Schalkwijk

Managing Director Sales North


Sven Schwarz

Vice President Sales Excellence


Jörg Erdmann

Vice President Marketing & Communications